What an amazing week it has been !!
Congratulations to all Winners and Finalists in Douglas Singles Open 2023

Special thanks to our sponsors Lehane Motors, Lexus Cork and McGuirks

Grade 1 Women
Winner: Sarah Farrelly
Finalist: Mary Claire Mccarthy

Grade 2 Women
Winner: Suzanne Malone
Finalist: Gillian Burke

Grade 3 Women
Winner: Emily Brick
Finalist: Jennifer Dineen

Grade 4 Women
Winner: Anna Nowak
Finalist: Oonagh Cahalane

Grade 5 Women
Winner: Jane Leggett
Finalist: Imelda Graves

Grade 6 Women
Winner: Jessica Hayden
Finalist: Jane Leggett


Grade 1 Men
Winner: Samuel West
Finalist: Denis Buckley

Grade 2 Men
Winner: Ed Donovan
Finalist: Pablo Herrera Gascon

Grade 3 Men
Winner: Guillaume Jacquinot
Finalist: Saurabh Anand

Grade 4 Men
Winner: James O’Sullivan
Finalist: Colm O’Connell

Grade 5 Men
Winner: Allan Murphy
Finalist: Damian Furlong

Grade 6 Men
Winner: Allan Murphy
Finalist: Mark O Sullivan

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